Stepping Stones Financial Planning

We value your feedback

I would like to thank you at this time for all of your help with my decision making. Had you not persisted with helping me, I would most probably still be at work and clearly it is the right time for me to retire and enjoy this phase of my life. I particularly like how you explain things in simple terms and yet still include enough detail so that I make a fully informed decision about my future. I do believe that had it not been you helping me in this phase of retirement I would not have had the confidence to proceed. I appreciate your unique talents for people management and guidance – from my experience, not everyone has those skills. I hope to continue to interact with you on a regular basis throughout my retirement. 


When it finally came time to retire, it seemed the date had arrived without warning, although in reality I had known it was coming for quite some time. Each time I considered seeking advice I felt overwhelmed. I knew it was important and needed to be done properly but I just didn’t know where to start and so I just kept doing nothing. I was running out of time and my wife arranged an appointment with a ‘reputable’ firm and we attended. I actually left feeling even more confused and felt it would just be easier to remain at work than go through trying to figure all of this out. We were both confused and uncomfortable and understood less about what I should be doing than before we went into that meeting. We proceeded and had a plan prepared anyway assuming that the adviser ‘just must know best’. We got a document the size of an encyclopedia provided to us – we couldn’t understand a word of it and the adviser didn’t even have a meeting with us to try and help us understand. They had their fee and didn’t care either way. It was just awful. By this stage I was completely panicked.

A work colleague suggested we meet with Lara. We went along, intending to compare the experiences and possibly arrange some other meetings after that. Lara was so warm, patient and informative. She broke down the information and helped me understand why to take the steps of having advice prepared. She properly explained her process and what she would be doing at each stage. We decided to proceed and when we had our meeting to go through our Financial Plan, Lara actually read through it with us. It was made so clear, she really explained everything. Although some of it was quite complicated, Lara made it simple so that I could understand. I really felt at ease during that appointment and then in the interactions that followed. Lara really guided me through the whole process – she picked up that I was nervous and just walked with me the whole way. I am now retired and enjoying doing my hobbies (and the list of jobs around the house that have been waiting until I had the time)! We know that Lara will support us throughout the changes that will happen in these years of our lives, and it is also so important that my wife feels comfortable and is certain that she will be looked after properly, if something happens to me.


John and Rel

Robert and I trust your professional friendliness, judgement, guidance and most of all your willingness to ensure we leave our appointments understanding in full, any changes and implications with our investments. This has not always been the case with previous planners – we have not always understood, even after attending many information sessions before retiring. It was suggested to us to meet with you, years ago and I have trusted your judgement and guidance since, and you did not let me down.

Karen and Robert

Just wanted to drop you a quick email. We are currently at Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands, enjoying some sunshine. Five more weeks to go before we head home. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for answering our questions so promptly. We travel every year as you know and it means that we can travel stress-free, knowing that we can contact you at any time, either by phone or by email, with our questions. As a Financial Adviser (and we have had a few over the years), we are so pleased to have you looking after us. It would seem that your patience is endless and you are professional and so easy to work with, not to mention your expertise when dealing with Centrelink!


We would like to express our gratitude to you for your service to us on transitioning from work into retirement. You have gone over and above. You have been very professional, patient and forthcoming in helping us understand what needed to be done and explaining everything to us. We couldn’t be more grateful to you for your advice and help at this stage of our lives.

Ann and Anthony

We had been seeing a different planner for several years and when they retired, our friend suggested Lara. It was the first time we felt we had really understood our advice and that things were explained to us in a way that we could understand. We felt so comfortable and relieved. She just explains things simply and you feel taken care of. We thought it would be scary to change Financial Planners but it turned out for the best.

Karl and Rene

I had been through a Divorce. It was later in my life and I didn’t feel like I had enough time to improve things – basically I was feeling like I would probably have to work ‘forever’ to get myself back on track. My boss recommended that I go and speak with Lara. I did not see how it would be helpful but I went along and now I am so glad that I did! She looked at my whole picture and asked me about what I wanted, what I would like to do in retirement and how I would spend my time. Lara was able to come up with strategies that helped me in the now and built things back up, for later. She had ideas that I hadn’t even considered and developed a plan that helps me to know that I can retire in my early 60’s and still be comfortable and do the things that I want to. I felt really comfortable to talk with Lara and trust the advice she provides.